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Haumana - Tahiti Cruises


Haumana : a new cruise concept in the Tuamotus



Tahiti Cruises welcomes you on board the Haumana luxury Yacht. Specially designed for cruising in the shallow waters of French Polynesia, the Tahiti Cruises luxury yacht, Haumana, will transport you through the magnificent Polynesian lagoons of the Tuamotus.

Less than one hour from Tahiti by plane, the Tuamotu archipelago, famed for its idyllic atolls, promises a complete change of scenery, between sky and lagoon. In this exceptional setting, climb on board the Haumana and revel in the luxurious comfort of this 17-cabin luxury yacht.

Soak up the sunset in the outside Jacuzzi, dine in elegance with friends, and on a whim, why not organise a starlit fishing excursion!

Whether you like active or languorous holidays, you'll experience an unforgettable moment in an authentic Polynesian atmosphere, co-ordinated by an on-hand team that is attentive to your needs.

Haumana - Tahiti Cruises Haumana - Tahiti Cruises

Haumana - Tahiti Cruises


Dear Friends,

Please let me introduce myself... Eugene Degage, Chairman of Tahiti Cruises and creator of a new all-inclusive concept in the cruising world.

Do you ever imagine yourself in a secret little corner of paradise? On the edge of a pristine lagoon shimmering with magical hues of blue, green and turquoise… you’re sitting in the shade of coconut palm fronds on a white sand beach, a table at arms length set with fresh seafood dishes, sweet tropical fruit, and ice-cold cocktails to refresh you in the beautiful dazzling sun which shines 300 days a year or more…

I will make this dream come true during your cruise on the supremely comfortable and welcoming yacht Haumana (Spirit of Peace).

For those of you whom are more actively inclined we also offer a multitude of freely offered activities to our guests. I am very proud to be able to offer the first luxury cruise yacht that is eminently well equipped for the fishermen amongst you (we maintain world-class tackle available for your use on board) so that you may indulge in your passion even should you wish to wander the flats with fly rod in hand.

Far… but so very far from the ‘beaten track’ you will discover the authenticity of these virgin atolls.

Don’t look for the slightest hint of the big cruise ship concept on board the Haumana but rather an intimate, convivial and care-free atmosphere where you will experience the genuine legendary kindness and hospitality of our Polynesian crew and the local people.

I wanted this cruise to become one of those lifelong memories that our guests will cherish forever.

I wish you a pleasant cruise aboard the Haumana.


Haumana - Tahiti Cruises





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